Fred Giuffrida
14 Pinewood Road
Hudson, NH 03051
Phone: (603) 595-0855
Objective   Stated simply, to enhance the viability, profitability, and success of your company.
Languages   Objective C, C++, C, AppleScript, Perl, Pascal, older obscure languages, and several assembly languages. HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL.


  Xcode, Cocoa, Visual Studio .NET, Metrowerks Code Warrior, MPW, PowerPlant, MacApp, Think Class Library (TCL), Symantec, Visual C++, Stroika
  Paladin Software, Hudson, NH
Owner. A happy return to software consulting. This time focusing upon mobile device applications development. Specializing in iOS development.
  The Jockey Club Technology Services
Ported a very large suite of QuarkXTensions from QuarkXPress 6 and an old development environment to QuarkXPress 9 and Visual C++ 2008.
  Fat 2 Fit Radio
Developed iOS application Fat 2 Fit Tools for Lifestyle Change for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Currently available in the Apple App Store.
  Playrific, Inc., Billerica, MA
Director of Software. Responsible for all activities related to development, testing, and deployment of web-based children's media product.
  Paladin Shops, Hudson, NH
Owner. Retail Internet sales sites and In charge of all sales, marketing, web development, management, order fulfillment, process automation, etc. for two Internet gift stores.
  EqualLogic, Inc., Nashua, NH (contract)
Software development on Windows and Unix platforms in support of iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN) systems. Bug fixes and enhancements to Error Logger component. Creation of Perl diagnostic tools. Creation of rapid diagnostic tools to assess multi-member health. Internationalization enhancements to Error Logger. Qualification of third party Macintosh software components.
  SensAble Technologies, Inc., Woburn, MA (contract)
Developed an Adobe Illustrator10 import plug-in to import files from SensAble FreeForm® 3D modeling software into Illustrator.
  Modulo Systems, Inc., Cambridge, MA
Director of Product Development. Modulo created software for the publishing industry, including the industry standard QPS editorial system used by major newspapers and magazines worldwide. Responsible for all activities related to Engineering and Product Development, including new product development, Engineering research, third party software relationships, and developer support. Managed revitalization and rescue of aging product line.
  Cascade Systems, Inc., Acton, MA (contract)
Developed QuarkXtensions and Adobe InDesign plugins for Cascade product line.
  Sequel Imaging, Inc., Londonderry, NH (contract)
Bug fixes and enhancements to Sequel ProColor application. Integration of various new Sequel color calibration devices. Development of Mac APIs, development libraries and sample code. Developed Universal Serial Bus (USB) implementation of Sequel software. Developed Apple ColorSync plugin for calibration using Sequel devices.
  Scansoft, Inc., Peabody, MA (contract)
Bug fixes and maintenance for OCR application written in C++ and PowerPlant.
Author of AppleBits, which grew from a small daily column on my own web site to a weekly column on the MacKiDo site with thousands of regular readers from all over the world. AppleBits dispensed Apple news, opinion, and humor in my own personal style. Some archived issues are available here. We were blogging before blogs were invented!
  Archetype, Inc., Burlington, MA (contract)
Bitstream, Inc., Boston, MA (contract)
Inso, Inc., Boston, MA (contract)
Various projects related to MediaBank client/server multimedia database product utilizing both Macintosh environment and Microsoft Visual C++ Cross Development environment under Windows NT. QuarkXtension and PageMaker plug-in for leveraging MediaBank within QuarkXPress and Adobe PageMaker. AppleScript for placing MediaBank images within XPress pages. Implementation of Apple "Drag and Drop" functionality within MediaBank. Implementation of TCP/IP and Berkley Sockets type functionality within MediaBank Macintosh client. Generation of page thumbnails and PDF files. Miscellaneous other bug fixes and enhancements. (Followed product as it was acquired from Archetype by Bitstream and from Bitstream by Inso.)
  HAZMATEAM Inc., Hudson, NH (contract)
Installation of AppleTalk network and design of document workflow for this hazardous waste management training company. Responsible for backup strategy, troubleshooting, and periodic system maintenance, as well as design, implementation and maintenance of the HAZMATEAM web site.
1997, 1998
  Agfa Division, Bayer, Inc., Wilmington, MA (contract) Developed Photoshop plug-in to aid in digital camera development. Developed bug tracking database using FileMaker Pro.
  Birmy Graphics Corporation, Melbourne, FL (contract) AdobePS plugin for Birmy PowerRIP product.
1997, 1998
  Monaco Systems, Andover, MA (contract)
Integration of color calibrator into MonacoVIEW product. Developed front end to suite of Monaco products using AppleScript and FaceSpan.
  DALiM Imaging Software, Bedford, NH (contract) Development of Photoshop file format plug-in for DALiM proprietary image file format.
  Boston University, Dept.of Manufacturing Eng., Boston, MA (contract)
Troubleshooting and problem solving.
  DiamondSoft, Inc., Mill Valley, CA (contract) Responsible for Quark Xtension to analyze document font usage and interface Font Reserve application to Quark Xpress via AppleEvents. Font Reserve is a powerful font management utility for the Macintosh.
  Bay State Computer Group, Boston, MA (contract) Occasional phone consultation for resolution of Macintosh related problems at their client sites, particularly Harvard University.
  FutureTense, Inc., Acton, MA (contract)
Wrote installer program for FutureTense Texture product using MindVision VISE installer. Some work on other projects (client confidential).
  Shomega, Ltd., Melbourne, Australia (contract)
Consulted in both an architectural and programming role on MediaRite product. MediaRite is a publishing workflow tool to aid in the delivery of ads and their components. Responsible for ISDN communications and Apple Communications ToolBox interface, job queuing/scheduling, as well as significant portions of the product design and human interface. Also involved in the design and prototyping of other Shomega product ideas (client confidential).
  DuPont Newspaper Systems, Imagitex, Inc., Nashua, NH
Senior Staff Engineer - Lead technical person in small group interfacing Whirlwind newspaper publishing system to desktop platforms. System consisted of Macintosh clients networked with Sun SPARCstation servers running a mix of Sybase and proprietary database technology.
  EXOS Inc., Woburn, MA
Director of Software and Software QA. - Served as lead Macintosh programmer on CHMS medical diagnostic system. Coordinated all software activities on Macintosh and Windows platforms. Macintosh code written in MPW C++ using Stroika class library. Products are turnkey Mac and Windows systems utilizing technology borrowed from the robotics and virtual reality domains for the tracking and diagnosis of hand disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  Agfa Compugraphic Division, Wilmington, MA Engineering Product Manager for Desktop Color Systems - Responsible for coordination of all headquarters activities relating to the definition, development, integration and release of Agfa division Macintosh, PC and related products. Responsible for 9 product efforts including several in-house projects as well as Agfa labeled third party products. In addition to my product role I was principle advisor to executive management on issues related to the desktop prepress market. System Architect and Principal Engineer Macintosh front-end to Agfa Access product. This product interfaced "high-end" drum scanners into the Macintosh environment. The software for this product was completed in 5 weeks by myself and two other engineers using MacApp and C++. The predecessor Mac interface to the product took a third party over a year to complete. System Architect and Principal Engineer - QuickSilver project. This product utilized an AMD29000 coprocessor board running in a Mac IIFX to provide extremely fast scanning, image manipulation, color separation, halftoning and output of loose color images. Written in MacApp and C++. Macintosh Software Project Manager and Principal Engineer - Headed development team on first Agfa Macintosh prepress product, Mac-ION, a color prepress Macintosh IIFX workstation with color image scanner and output to imagesetter. The Mac-ION software performed input scanning, import/export of images in various file formats, global image transformation, color separation and PostScript output. The product was accurately and realistically scheduled and met all of its development milestones.
  Howtek, Inc., Hudson, NH
Macintosh Software Development Manager - Allowed company to greatly increase scanner revenues by expanding into Macintosh market. Principal author of MacScan-It, a software package designed to operate all Howtek color scanners and printers. One of a handful of people manipulating 24-bit color images on a Macintosh in this time frame. MacScan-It allowed cropping, sizing, color correction and saving to most Macintosh file formats, as well as printing to the Howtek Pixelmaster color printer. Technical person in charge on all Macintosh related issues. Instrumental in developing and managing contracting relationships with outside vendors in the areas of color printer drivers, PostScript compatible interpreters and application support of Howtek products. Senior Software Engineer - Wrote the firmware for the HP LaserJet Series II emulation mode which was used in the Howtek Pixelmaster color printer. This was a full emulation of the HP product using the PCL protocol with the additions of Howtek color enhancements.
  Compugraphic Corporation, Wilmington, MA
Software Engineer - Key contributor to software development on text editor of EPS technical publishing system. Software written in C under UNIX running on Motorola 68010 based Sun workstations. Key contributor to basic editing functions and extensive graphic debugging system.
  Tufts Univ. School of Medicine, Boston, MA
Senior Research Assistant - Neuroscience Research Laboratory. Utilized advanced biotechnology and scientific method to perform research in pursuit of insights into neurological disorders. Supervised several laboratory technicians. Computerized various phases of research process. Cited for technical assistance in several international publications.
  Developing Apps for iOS (Stanford Univ. CS193P), Apple iTunes U, (online)
  iPhone SDK Essential Training, (online)
  Intro to PostgreSQL Administration, EnterpriseDB (online)
  High Intensity Sybase (XL/Proteus, Marlborough, MA)
  Programming for Apple System 7 (Apple Devel. Univ., Cupertino, CA)
  OOP Using MacApp and C++ (Apple Devel. Univ., Cupertino, CA)
  Graduate Study in Mathematics/Computer Science at the University of Lowell, Lowell, MA
  Cum Laude graduate with B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. Numerous awards and commendations. Accepted into five of the top neurophysiology doctoral programs in the country before I decided to totally switch tracks and make my career in Computer Science.

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