Fred Giuffrida (summary)

Software Developer Fred has provided software development expertise to the following companies: Agfa, Archetype, Bay State Computer Group, Birmy Graphics, Bitstream, Boston University, Cascade Systems, Compugraphic, DALIM Imaging Software, DiamondSoft, DuPont Newspaper Systems / Imagitex, EqualLogic, Exos, FutureTense, Hazmateam, Howtek, Inso, Modulo Systems, Monaco Systems, Playrific, Scansoft, SensAble Technologies, Sequel Imaging, Shomega, and others.
Manager Director of Software (Playrific), Director of Product Development (Modulo Systems); Director of Software (Exos); Engineering Product Manager (Agfa); Leader of software development teams from small tiger teams to larger groups and hierarchies.
Entrepreneur Owner (3 yrs.) of 2 Internet retail websites (,; Owner (14 yrs.), software consulting company (Paladin Software)
Web Author Fred was a blogger before blogs existed, writing the popular Applebits web column from 1998-99. Today, Fred writes when he wants on,, and elsewhere.
Volunteer Fred was an elected member of the Hudson, New Hampshire Budget Committee for 4 years and President of Alvirne High School Friends of Music for 3 years. He became an expert in doing PR on a limited budget as PR coordinator for several non-profit organizations.
Skills iOS programming (learning). Programming in C, C++, Objective-C, and other more obscure languages; Object Oriented Programming (OOP); Scripting in Perl, AppleScript Unix shells; Web Development in HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, mySQL; Filemaker database development.

This is an introductory summary, attempting to condence many years of experience into one page.
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